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Pool closed for the Season 9/30/18
pool will re-open to members May 2019
PARTY RENTALS - Members Only Privilage
TCC has 3 areas available for your Party needs. 
Party rental includes tables/reserved space for 3 hours (1/2 hr allowed for set up/clean up). 
* Party attendant available to assist you in checking in your guests & remind you when it is time for cake. 
** Rental fee does NOT include Guest fees or Cake. 
2018 Dues Structure:

Charter Stockholder / Full Year Family Membership:  $425.00 
Non-charter / Full Year Family Affiliate Membership:  $500.00 
Non-charter / Single Adult Affiliate Membership:         $400.00
Athletic Membership / ages 12 - 18 only (no guests):  $100.00

All New Members must have 2 current Sponsoring Members, undergo 
a Public Records Check & are subject to Board Approval.
SUMMER POOL HOURS beginning Memorial Day
Tuesday - Thursday 12pm - 9pm
Friday & Saturday 12pm - 10pm
Sunday 12pm - 9pm.
Weekends in May & September:
12pm - 10pm Saturdays & 12pm - 8pm Sundays

Pool CLOSED Saturday, 09/30/18
& will reopen to members May 2019
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"TERRYTOWN COUNTRY CLUB is the best place on the WestBank for Summer Fun in the Sun!"
Membership, Party & EVENTS Information - TERRYTOWN COUNTRY CLUB
TCC boasts 4 Lighted Tennis Courts available to members for individual or league play.
Men's League Contact:
Ray Hanley
Women's League Contact:
Sandy Gorman
 Pool & Patio Rules
No one under age 18 is allowed in pool without lifeguard on duty. Lifeguard breaks are taken every hour for 10 minutes, Adults only (18 yrs or older) allowed in the pool during the lifeguard breaks. NO ONE is allowed on the diving board or in the diving well without Lifeguard on  the stand.
All children under the age of 12 years must be under the direct supervision of an adult (or sitter over 15 years old) at all times, regardless of swimming ability. Lifeguard on duty is not considered adult supervision or sitter. Children must pass swim test to swim in pool unaccompanied (see lifeguard). Parents who violate these rules will be called to pick up their children immediately.

All persons MUST shower with warm water and soap before donning a suit to enter the pool and after exercising or sunbathing
No running
No glass containers or balloons on premises
No diving except from diving board 
No jumping or diving from starting blocks 
No hanging or resting on Lane Ropes
No hanging or playing on stairs or under the handrails
No jumping, diving, or sliding from objects on the side 
  of the pool - e.g., tables, chairs, slides, etc.
No food, gum, smoking or drinks in pool
No distracting the lifeguard
Lifeguard may impose “time out” or ejection for 
  disorderly conduct or disrespectfulness
Lap lane reserved for swimmers only. Please clear the 
  lane if swimmer is present.
No smoking in the pool. Please smoke in designated 
  areas & discard tobacco products in approved 
  receptacles provided. 
Clean BBQ pits after each use, clean & return all 
Umbrellas should be closed when not in use or during 
  windy conditions

- All quests must be accompanied by a member. Members are responsible for guests actions & ensuring TCC Rules are adhered to at all times. 
- Report suspected trespassers to Manager on duty
- No pets allowed on premises
- Please dispose of trash in receptacles provided
- 24-hour surveillance cameras in use

Diving Board Rules
• Weight limit 225 lbs
• Only one person is allowed on the board at a time
• Diving area is for divers only; exit immediately after 
  surfacing. No resting on the walls or stairs in dive well
• Divers shall wait until the diving well is completely 
  clear before stepping onto the board & before diving 
• No jumping or diving onto objects/persons in the water
• Divers must enter the board from the rear
• No hanging or playing on or under the handrails
• No running on the board or onto the board
• Divers must be bare-footed. No flippers or shoes allowed
• Back dives are permitted only from a stationary position,  
  and only if the diver rotates away from the diving board  
  and toward the Lifeguard stand. 
• All diving shall be from the end of the diving board and  
  straight forward, never to the side
• No cartwheels or handstands
• No sitting on or hanging from the board
• Bottom of the diving well slopes up to the main pool.  
   To avoid injury, do not dive too far out
• No one is allowed on diving board or in diving well if NO      LIFEGUARD present.

Baby Pool Rules
• No Lifeguard - You are responsible for your child’s safety
• Only children under 6 years old are allowed
• Supervision required at all times  
• No jumping or diving into the pool
• No food, gum, or drinks in pool
• Diapers or swimmies must be worn by toddlers who are  
  not potty-trained (please immediately report “accidents”  
  to the lifeguard or management, so the pool can be  
• Please remove toys from pool when finished
- Please be sure to collect all personal items before 
  leaving the premises. TCC is not responsible for lost  
  or damaged items.
- Lost and found will be purged weekly & unclaimed  
  items will be disposed of.  

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